Shirt Skirt

27 Feb

It’s amazing what a little fossick about in the parents’ cupboard will produce! This shirt has been lurking around for the past 20 odd years, just waiting for a comeback in the form of this gorgeous little shirt skirt.

Level: Easy

Time taken: 1.5hrs

Steps to make:

Lay your shirt flat. Cut through both layers in a straight line just under where the sleeves begin. (or alter depending on what length you want).

Pop on the skirt, buttons in the front, inside out and measure to fit your body. Take in evenly on both sides at the top, and head out on an angle as you head to the bottom to keep your skirt nice and flowy.

Get your waistband material- mine was a tie from another top. Your waistband needs to be 3 pieces; 1 back and 2 for the front. This is so when you the sew the seams on your waistband you will be able to sew it exactly to match your body shape- I had to take in a lot extra at the top.  Align your waistband seams with the side seams on your skirt. You may first need to take an extra button off the top of the skirt. Pin and sew on directly on top of skirt material, folding the top edges of the skirt forward (then when you sew waistband on top there will be no edges visible).

Your skirt is going to open at the front. Add your fastenings to the inside of the front of the waistband (depending on what you want to attach it with you might have to do this before putting the waistband on). I put domes, but they look a little bulky, would recommend buttons instead.

And there you have it! Easy Peasy shirt skirt!


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