High Waisted Skirt

27 Feb

Who thought your wide legged trousers could come back to life looking so sexy?? After yet another parental wardrobe scour, I came across a whole heap of Mum’s barely worn clothes  from the days she went through a brief stage of having a little extra junk in the trunk. Score!

Level: Medium (Need to attach invisible zip + waistband)

Time taken: Approx 5 hours


First things first, cut your trousers into 4 separate panels. I made mine about 41cm length excluding waistband (remember you need to leave enough material to form your waistband).

One of the panels will sit directly at the front, one at the back. The seams will run directly down the middle of your legs so measure front panel and back panel to allow for that (But remember your back panel will be larger!).  Attach the 2 side panels on either side of the front panel. Now with your pre-cut back panel, line up as evenly with front seams and sew remaining side panel edges to back panel (you will need to pop it on yourself and pin it at your widest part for this). Leave one panel open about 10cm down so you can get it on and off.  At this stage your skirt will be basically shapeless. Pop it on inside out and pin it to fit your body shape.  I took each seam in about 1cm at the top and then took each seam in at the bottom to get the nice curve of the skirt.

Add waistband. (there is probably a better way to make a waistband but this is how I made this one)  cut 2 strips of fabric,  whatever width you choose plus 2 seam allowances on either side. You need a total of 4 darts- 2 matching front seams 2 matching back (again, sit the waistband on your waist and take in the darts according to your figure) leaving the middle of the back open to be able to add the invisible zip. If you need to use 2 pieces of fabric joined together, make one of the darts the join.  When you have these done, add a second layer of fabric to form the inside of the waistband.

Sew up your 10cm gap. Cut down the middle of the back panel and add in invisible zip. Most importantly when adding the zip, make sure to add it carefully, so it sits nice and smoothly. (also make sure your zip is long enough, or you will end up trying to wiggle into it!)

Hem your beautiful creation- due to the material, this one is hand hemmed.

From trousers to skirt in no time!

I have just basically outlined the steps here, if you have any questions about exactly how to go about one of the steps or want to send me a picture of your creation, please do!


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